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Teenage Students Raising Hands


Welcome to Montclair State University's ISSAQ Resource hub. ISSAQ is a system of assessment, feedback, and intervention designed to improve student success through three key action steps:

1. Assessing students' strengths and challenges using a holistic framework of behavioral, motivational, emotional, and social factors.​


2. Providing feedback to students and those who work with them (e.g., faculty, advisors, coaches) to help understand the whole student, the strengths they bring to college, and the challenges that might get in the way of their success.


3. Connect students and others with resources to overcome challenges, provide effective strategies for success, and give students a better chance at achieving their college goals.

This resource hub centralizes the information, training, and resources that you will need to effectively integrate ISSAQ into your student success work. Use the links in the menu bar to access the various skill-based resources, the research behind ISSAQ, training materials, and other information.

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